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Modern dentistry is not complete without thorough preventive care, which prevents illnesses and problems within the oral cavity. My aim is to provide the highest quality dental care with an emphasis on prevention. Having a healthy and satisfied patient with a healthy and beautiful smile is my priority.

My specialisation


I work with the most modern methods of treatment based on the newest procedure methods.

​​Quality care and the health of my patients are crucial. In my surgery, I take care of your dental and gum health. You can achieve your desired results with frequent visits and proper care.
Dental hygiene for adults and children
Conservative periodontitis treatment
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Discoloration and calculus removal
Teeth cleaning techniques instruction
Selection of the right dental products
Bělení zubů
Gentle teeth whitening techniques
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Ing. Haya Aldinová
I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University, where I studied Dental hygiene. During my studies, I gained experience at leading dental clinics, private dental practices, orthodontics, and periodontics in Brno.

Thanks to this experience, I understand the importance of close cooperation with my patients to achieve the desired result.

Thanks to my further Master's study at Czech Technical University in Prague, where I studied Systematic Integration of Processes in Health Service, I am able to connect my knowledge of health care, techniques, and management in my everyday practice to provide patients with the highest quality services possible.

I frequently participate in courses and training courses which motivate me to keep improving.

I take pride in my professional and humane approach, precise care, and individual treatment plan tailored to each patient.

A professional and humane approach
Thoroughness and preciseness
A pleasant atmosphere
Online booking available
Healthy teeth never go out of style

How much will it cost

Price list

valid from 1 November 2022
Each patient gets all the necessary dental products during each appointment as a part of their treatment package to ensure the most effective treatment possible.
Initial dental hygiene treatment
The initial dental hygiene treatment contains a complex examination of the oral cavity, teeth, and gums, the assessment of your oral hygiene and periodontium, the creation of your treatment plan, motivation and instruction of the correct teeth cleaning technique, recommendation and choice of the correct dental products, including interdental brushes.

A part of professional teeth cleaning is the removal of dental plaque and pigmentation using the Air-Flow method, the removal of calculus by ultrasound followed by finalising cleaning of the dental plaque and calculus by hand, polishing, and fluoridation of teeth.
1600 CZK (up to 60 min)
+ a package of toothbrushes free of charge
Repeated dental hygiene – finalising cleaning after the 1st visit
This contains the reassessment of the overall condition of the oral cavity and oral hygiene, especially the condition of gums and periodontium, a check of the oral hygiene and cleaning techniques, recalibration of interdental brushes, and reinstruction of cleaning techniques. Other products can be recommended if necessary. Removal of calculus by ultrasound and by hand-operated tools. In the case of patients with periodontitis and subgingival calculus, the calculus is removed.
1600 CZK (up to 60 min)
+ a package of toothbrushes free of charge
Dental hygiene RECALL after 6 months
Regular visits after 6 months contain the assessment of the condition of the teeth and gums, as well as oral hygiene and cleaning techniques checks.

Remotivation and reinstruction, a treatment based on the newest treatment protocol. The colorisation of teeth plaque, removal of plaque and pigmentation using the AirFlow method, removal of any present calculus by ultrasound and hand-operated tools, remeasuring of interdental brushes, and fluoridation of teeth.
1400 CZK (up to 45 min)
+ a package of toothbrushes free of charge
Dental hygiene for children under 12
The appointment can only be booked by phone and any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. The procedure contains a complete examination of the condition of the oral cavity, teeth, and gums, as well as an evaluation of the oral cavity, motivation, and instruction of correct cleaning techniques with the child and their parents, recommendation and choice of appropriate dental products, including interdental brushes or floss. Professional teeth cleaning contains their colorization by a plaque detector, removal of plaque and calculus, and polishing of teeth.
1100 CZK (up to 45 min)
+ a package of toothbrushes free of charge
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Our clients say


My goal and motivation are to take care of my clients so they are healthy and happy long term. Here are the reviews from some of my clients.
Šárka Chroustová
Šárka Chroustová
25. Říjen, 2022.
Kvalita a profesionalita na úrovni, kterou budete jinde jen těžko hledat. A ještě k tomu milý přístup. Moc děkuji!
Jana Chmelenská
Jana Chmelenská
20. Červenec, 2022.
Skvělý přístup a skvěle odvedená práce! Jsem maximálně spokojená a těším se na další návštěvu!!! :-)
Lucie Uvirova
Lucie Uvirova
15. Červenec, 2022.
Rychlé objednání přes rezervační systém, super domluva. Kvalitně odvedená práce. Ráda se budu vracet, hned jsem si rezervovala další termín. Paní je moc milá a profesionální.
Adam Ingr
Adam Ingr
11. Červenec, 2022.
Naprosto bezbolestná a skvěle provedná dentálni hygiena. Profesionální a zároven šetrný přistup. Již několikatá návštěva a mohu jen doporučit.
Karolína Kalendová
Karolína Kalendová
11. Duben, 2022.
Profesionální přístup, krásné prostředí, kvalitní péče. Doporučuji
Jana Janoušková
Jana Janoušková
7. Duben, 2022.
Profesionální práce a precizní přístup k zubům.
Emma K
Emma K
1. Prosinec, 2021.
Neskutečně milá, profesionální a trpělivá doktorka :) Pokud k někomu jít na zubní hygienu, tak k ní!
Petr Vysokomenský
Petr Vysokomenský
3. Listopad, 2021.
Perfektní, šetrný, bezbolestný přístup s perfektním výsledkem. Navštívím zase! 🙂
Lenka Chroustová
Lenka Chroustová
1. Listopad, 2021.
Profesionální, milá, pečlivá a vtipná. Bezbolestná precizní dentální hygiena a vysvětlení jak pečovat o mé zuby. K paní Aldinové určitě zavítám znovu.

Things you want to know

People often ask

Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please contact me.
How to book an appointment?
You can book your appointment by phone at +420 777 411 377. If you can't get through to me, I am with a patient and will call you back as soon as possible. You can also book the appointment online (book an appointment button). You will receive a message in which I will ask you to confirm your booking two days before your appointment.
What is the initial examination like?
In the beginning, you will fill in an anamnestic questionnaire. The initial dental hygiene consists of thorough teeth and gum cleaning, assessment of your oral hygiene condition, treatment plan setting, instructions for toothbrush cleaning techniques, and recommendation of suitable dental products for you. This is followed by professional teeth cleaning based on the condition of your oral cavity, removal of plaque or pigmentation with the use of the Airflow method, and removal of calculus by ultrasound and dental tools.

After the treatment, you will get instructions and choose the correct size of interdental brushes. For the most effective instruction and treatment possible, the patient receives a manual and two interdental brushes as a part of the dental hygiene appointment.

We will plan your upcoming visits based on the condition of your oral cavity.
What should I bring to my appointment?
Bringing a request form from your GP and X-ray scans is ideal. I will explain everything during your initial appointment.
Do I need to bring my toothbrushes with me
You don't. You will receive dental products during every appointment as a part of your treatment package.
Can I pay by card?
Yes, you can. We have a terminal in our surgery, so you can either pay in cash or by card.
Is dental hygiene painful?
I try to treat each patient effectively, thoroughly, and painlessly, but the pain is very subjective. In the case of gum inflammation or calculus, the gums can be irritated and therefore more sensitive. I take this fact into consideration, so we will discuss your treatment plan and if necessary, the appointment can be split into multiple sessions for your comfort.
How often is a dental hygiene appointment recommended?
The frequency of the visits differs and is based on the individual patient's condition. If this is your first appointment or your dental hygiene is not in good condition, you should count on more frequent visits. I will assess and explain everything during your initial visit.

For patients with good oral hygiene, I recommend oral hygiene appointments twice a year. If the condition of the oral cavity is not up to par, I recommend more frequent visits. For patients with braces and implants, I recommend regular visits 3-4 times a month. For patients with periodontitis, I recommend visits 3-4 times a year.
Can I have dental hygiene treatments during pregnancy?
Yes, you can. Regular dental hygiene visits are recommended for pregnant women. I will also gladly answer any questions you may have about taking care of your child's oral cavity.
Is dental hygiene covered by health insurance?
The treatment is not covered by health insurance. The patients pay for dental hygiene themselves. You may use dental hygiene benefits from your health insurance company.


You can book your appointment through our booking form online or by phone. If you can't get through to me, I am with a patient and will call you back as soon as possible.
address: Poliklinika Dobrovského 2199/23,
612 00 Brno – Královo Pole, 2nd floor
+420 777 411

Mon: 9:00 - 18:00

Tue: 9:00 - 18:00

Wed: 9:00 - 18:00

Thu: 9:00 - 18:00

Fri: 9:00 - 14:00

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed

By car
By public T.
On foot
By car
You can get to us at Dobrovského 23 street by car. You can also park here.
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By public transportation
Trams 1 and 6: from the Main Station - Jungmanova stop: approx. 15 mins

Tram 12: from Česká street - Dobrovského stop: approx. 10 mins

Trolley bus 32: from Česká street - Charvátská stop: approx. 10 mins

Bus 67: from the Main Station - Charvátská stop: approx. 20 mins
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On foot
The surgery is located approx. 500m from Jana Babáka street and Dobrák swimming pool.
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Company registration number: 11638559
The entrepreneur is registered in the Trade Register at the Regional Court in Brno, section C, vol. 15324
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